Monday, July 24, 2017

Bañadores para Niños

Hello, lovelies! How cute are these Bañadores para Niños that I found in Zaful? If I could be given a chance to have a baby girl, I would definitely make her my mini me. But since I and my husband hasn't blessed with a child yet, I am contented with my fondness with cute kids every time I see one. Also, I have two goddaughters. And I have this idea of giving her a present for her upcoming birthday. Though my goddaughter lives somewhere down south, I think I'll just ship it to them express. So, here are some items that I'd love to send her.

Hola, lovelies! ¿Qué bonitos son estos Bañadores para Niños que encontré en Zaful? Si pudiera tener la oportunidad de tener una niña, definitivamente la haría mi mini yo. Pero ya que yo y mi marido no ha bendecido con un niño todavía, estoy contento con mi cariño con los niños lindos cada vez que veo uno. Además, tengo dos ahijadas. Y tengo la idea de darle un regalo para su próximo cumpleaños. Aunque mi ahijada vive en algún lugar en el sur, creo que voy a enviar a ellos expresar. Así que, aquí hay algunos artículos que me encantaría enviarla.

Traje De Baño De Una Pieza - Blanco (get here)
Tie Nudo Un Hombro Conjunto De Bikini Niñas - Rojo (get here)

Traje De Baño Rizado Rizado Del Cabrito - Raya (get here)
Traje De Baño De Niño Con Sombrero De Natación - Verde (get here)

What do you think of my top picks? And I think it is best if I order a pair of swimwear. One for the kid and of course, one for the mother who is one of my best friends. Isn't it sweet? Especially if it's in the same color, style, and design. I can't wait to order now.

¿Qué piensas de mis mejores selecciones? Y creo que es mejor si pido un par de trajes de baño. Uno para el niño y por supuesto, uno para la madre que es uno de mis mejores amigos. ¿No es dulce? Especialmente si está en el mismo color, estilo y diseño. No puedo esperar a ordenar ahora.

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Por cierto, lovelies, hemos preparado un código de cupón para sus fans, por favor, ponga este texto y banner en el artículo.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

ZAFUL Review: Yellow Gingham Print Two Piece Dress

Hello, lovelies! It looks familiar eh? Yes, I already have this exact coordinates but in a different color. You can't blame me. I fell in love with the blue one and so I ordered another one in yellow. Isn't it lovely? Besides from I'm crazy over gingham print, I really love the design of this gingham print ruffled tube top & maxi skirt because the quality is superb; it is neatly sewn and I've never seen any excess threads. The top and bottom ruffled hem made this 2-piece even more gorgeous. It is so perfect for summer season. The size is true (I'm Medium, by the way). Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Crazy Over Sling Back Shoes

Hello, lovelies! As I was tidying my shoe cabinet, I realized that I have many shoes but most of the pairs are for work (flats mostly) but have few pairs only of high heels that I can use for a special occasion. Then, I remember that just a month from now, I'll be attending a social party with my colleagues which will be held at a posh venue. I'm quite excited for that. I checked on FSJ Shoes and guess what, they have new designs. Above shoes are just a few from the wide selection of designer shoes from FSJ. And if you don't know yet, many shoe designers told you that they are keen on their designs so it's a dream for them to get noticed and have their designs chosen by the companies. But the thing is, many companies are not willing to produce only one shoe because they think there is no benefit. Well, that's how it normally works in the design industry but the FSJ's Designer Dream Plan is just a right place for all the designers to show and popularize their ideas/ designs without infringement. 

Recently, I get obsessed with sling back shoes. I find this very versatile. It is appropriate to wear to work as long as it is mid-heels. I also love looking at those high heels sling back because it shows a skin of your feet; something that is not closed. What do you think? My top favorites are the last two shoes. The black with a chunky heel is rad. Not to mention that the chunky heels are best compared to stilettos. I can wear shoes with chunky heels all-day without torturing my feet. That's why I'd rather wear mid-heels than sky high stilettos. Above shoes are just a few from the wide selection of designer shoes from FSJ. 


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ZAFUL Review: Cami Satin Dress

Hello, lovelies! Since I have already featured a pajama chic look from my previous post here, let me share with you another look related to it. Today's style post is about this navy blue cami satin dress from ZAFUL which made me look like I just woke up and realized I'm late to somewhere and all I could do is slip on my boots, sling my bag on my shoulders and wear the sunglasses and I'm out. Haha! I remember the movie starred by Jennifer Garner, 13 Going 30. Have you seen that movie?

Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

ZAFUL Review: Belted Floral Kimono Blouse

Hello, lovelies! As I have mentioned from my previous posts that I'll be visiting my family in the province last weekend to bring them to a road trip somewhere East. We went to Antipolo particularly in Pinto Art Museum and in Pililia Rizal Wind Farm. I took the opportunity again to shoot some outfits and here's the first one. I ordered this belted floral kimono blouse because of its floral print all over. I find this very versatile in styling so many ways like as beach outerwear or just a cover-up to give a pop to a plain outfit or just simply like a pajama (lol!).

Just click the link below or this photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

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